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Closing Up Shop...
It is with regrets that we announce that Fallout!, KryptonSite's Jericho page, will be closing, at least for the forseeable future.

So much has gone on with the series this summer and I've felt that I've done an inadequate job of keeping people up to date. The Nuts campaign came and went (way to go guys!), excitement for the show has been at an all-time high... and meanwhile, your webmaster here hasn't been keeping up the way that he should.

Jericho is an excellent show with a very good cast and crew and an extremely dedicated group of fans. For some reason or another, those fans didn't spend much time here, but whatever. Now, CBS has embraced the online Jericho community by launching JerichoRises.com - a truly impressive site if I ever saw one. There really wasn't much of a need for this page to exist anymore. I realized when watching the Jericho panel at Comic-Con that I'm doing a disservice just by keeping this page up and not updating it enough.

I've loved Jericho and you can believe I will be glued to the TV set for a few days when the Season 1 DVD set comes out. I'm also sure this won't be the last time I ever write about the show, and maybe I'll find a way to write the occasional Jericho hype without having a separate site or page for it. For those of you who haven't seen Jericho before, check out the CBS link above and read more, and WATCH THE SHOW when it returns to CBS later this year.

The Jericho mini-forum at KryptonSite will continue to exist, so please feel free to post there. This site will also continue to stand as an archive, in case you want to view old promotional photos or news. If there are any ideas on how to keep this site going with a way for it to remain unique, please, by all means, let me know on the forum. We also encourage all fans who want to exchange Jericho news to post it on the Forum, to share it with everyone else. The KryptonSite Forums are soon going to go through a major upgrade, so hopefully it'll be a fun place to talk with other Jericho fans.

The KryptonSite Network of sites still will continue. Other sites on the Network include KryptonSite (for Smallville), HeroSite.net (for Heroes), and BionicWebsite.com (for NBC's upcoming Bionic Woman series). There may be a new site or two in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Thanks for the experience, and thanks to those of you who visited and supported this site during its existence!

-- Craig Byrne


Jericho Returns Tonight!
Did you miss Jericho the first time around? Or would you like to get your friends hooked? Now's your chance!

CBS will be re-airing the show this summer, on Friday nights at 9 starting TONIGHT (July 6). The series pilot will be on tonight, and then next week, on July 13, the "Return to Jericho" recap of the series' first 11 episodes will air.

On July 20, "Black Jack" will air, followed by the rest of the episodes from Jericho's first season, to get people totally caught up. So check it out, and be sure to visit the forums after you watch!

If these repeats get good ratings it would ensure a quicker return for the show - and hopefully a larger episode order!


Jericho Season One DVD Is Coming October 2!
The always-reliable TVShowsOnDVD.com has revealed that Jericho Season One will be on DVD one week later than expected. The new date is now October 2, 2007.

The DVD can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.com at the link below:

Jericho Season 1 DVD - Order It Today!


Jericho: Officially Renewed
Some good news, finally... CBS has finally wised up and has ordered 7 episodes of Jericho as a midseason replacement. However, if we want to see more than 7 more shows, it's up to us to ensure that the show has more of an audience.

CBS has also revealed that the Season 1 DVD set of Jericho will be out this Fall. This will be the perfect opportunity to either get caught up or turn on new fans.

CBS's President Nina Tassler has released the following open letter to Jericho fans:

To the Fans of Jericho:


Over the past few weeks you have put forth an impressive and probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime-time television series. You got our attention; your e-mails and collective voice have been heard.

As a result, CBS has ordered seven episodes of Jericho for mid-season next year. In success, there is the potential for more. But for there to be more Jericho we will need more viewers.

A loyal and passionate community has clearly formed around the show. But that community needs to grow. It needs to grow on the CBS television network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available.

We will count on you to rally around the show, to recruit new viewers with the same grassroots energy, intensity and volume you have displayed in recent weeks.

At this time, I cannot tell you the specific date or time period that Jericho will return to our schedule. However, in the interim we are working on several initiatives to help introduce the show to new audiences. This includes rebroadcasting Jericho on CBS this summer, streaming episodes and clips from these episodes across the CBS Audience Network (online), releasing the first season DVD on Sept. 25, and continuing the story of Jericho in the digital world until the new episodes return. We will let you know specifics when we have them so you can pass them on.

On behalf of everyone at CBS, thank you for expressing your support of Jericho in such an extraordinary manner. Your protest was creative, sustained and very thoughtful and respectful in tone. You made a difference.

Nina Tassler
President, CBS Entertainment

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